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Here we need to create a string with a line break in the middle of it, which will form a 2-line string. We will use the Environment.NewLine constant for this.Strings Console. Note: NewLine is defined by the .NET Framework and could vary by platform. But it is unlikely to ever equal a different value. The end of the line - Idioms by The Free Dictionary Definition of the end of the line in the Idioms Dictionary. the end of the line phrase. What does the end of the line expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. How to remove newline characters from a string in C++ Feb 20, 2020 I/O of Strings and Characters, EOL and EOF

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EOF, getc() and feof() in C - GeeksforGeeks In C/C++, getc() returns EOF when end of file is reached. getc() also returns EOF when it fails. So, only comparing the value returned by getc() with EOF is not sufficient to check for actual end of file. To solve this problem, C provides feof() which returns non-zero value only if end …

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