Jul 31, 2013

On the 2.4GHz band, the router scored 229Mbps at close range and just 102Mbps at 100 feet (30 meters) away. While not the fastest in this category, the router was among the top three routers. Asus RT-AC66U Dual-Band 802.11ac Gigabit Router review Asus has introduced its pre-draft 802.11ac router, the RT-AC66U. It’s the only pre-draft 11ac router thus far to utilise external antennas, which is a plus in terms of range, and the RT-AC66U User Guide - Asus RT-AC66U B1 Wireless Router Network cable (RJ-45) Power adapter Quick Start Guide Support CD (Manual, utility software) Warranty card 1.1 Welcome! Thank you for purchasing an ASUS RT-AC66U B1 Wireless Router! The ultra-thin and stylish RT-AC66U B1 features a 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual bands for an unmatched concurrent wireless HD

Delivering 2.4GHz and 5GHz concurrent bands at up to 450Mbps and 1300Mbps, respectively, the RT-AC66U B1 has a total speed of up to 1750Mbps. You can perform basic tasks like web browsing and file downloading on the 2.4GHz band, while simultaneously allowing multiple devices to stream in HD or support online gaming and other demanding applications smoothly on the clearer 5GHz band.

Jul 20, 2020 · When I increased the range to 40 feet (12.2 m), it averaged some 810 Mbps. Note that I used a 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 client, but if even when you have faster 4×4 clients, the result won’t be different. I did an anecdotal test by using two 2×2 Wi-Fi 6 clients and copy data from one to another and got an average speed of about 650Mbps.

The ASUS RT-AC66U is a 5th gen dual-band Wi-Fi router, and the launch platform for the new ASUS AiCloud service. Its speed reaches 1.75Gbps, utilizing the Broadcom 802.11ac Wi-Fi controller and working in 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The 5GHz band supports up to 1.3Gbps, exceeding current Gigabit wired transmission and 3X faster than 802.11n.

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